Issues I'm Focusing On

Natural Disaster Events

I will focus on improving efforts to protect life and property during severe weather events and work to ensure equitable distribution of FEMA funds for disaster recovery. Congressional action to reduce the emissions that are causing an increase in weather events, like droughts and hurricanes, shouldn't put an undue burden on the people in the district 


Public education is critical to America’s Future. Our children and grandchildren rely on the public education system regardless of income, sex, religion, race, or socioeconomic issues. Despite the role of education in shaping our youth and our future, it is underserved at the federal level. Our children should have a choice whether to go to college or enter a career training program. Not only do we need to make sure we have well-paid, quality educators, and well-crafted, quality educational opportunities, the federal government should create programs so that students are not left with crippling debt. 

Health Care

Healthcare is a right and every American should have access to quality, affordable health care.

With prescription drug prices out of control and women's health and reproductive rights challenged, Americans fight every day with real problems in our current healthcare system. They face long waiting times for insurance companies to approve referrals and tests already authorized by their physician. Some Americans self-medicate to make a 30-day prescription last 60 days because they can't afford the monthly cost.

In rural areas of TX 8, hospitals and facilities have closed, causing critical barriers to healthcare access. ​

Making healthcare accessible means a healthcare system that is available and affordable to everyone. TX8 needs increased funding for community health centers with comprehensive care for medical, dental, and mental health issues.

Jobs, Taxes, and the Economy

As a business owner, it’s still difficult to maneuver through the current tax laws without the help of an excellent accountant. Our tax laws need to be simplified, fair, and equitable. I will fight for Fair Taxation for Texans and all Americans.

I will also focus on strengthening industries in smaller towns and help attract industry to towns that have none.  Industry brings economic growth and new jobs. But, to attract industry, all rural areas should have access to adequate, affordable broadband service and the infrastructure to support economic growth. I will bring together resources to improve the infrastructure to meet the needs of industry.

Finally, I will not forget district businesses still struggling to recover from the pandemic by facilitating access to whatever help the federal government has to offer.

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